Welcome to our Bauhaus

It was inevitable. Professional Services Plus has evolved since we first opened our doors, in 2005. Our website was no longer reflective of the crafts being plied behind its doors; and, where it did display our services, plodding through the user interface was like stomping around a soggy garden in over-sized galoshes. Don’t get me wrong–the design wasn’t bad for its time; but it no longer fit the function. It was time to bite the bullet and overhaul our main means of interacting with you. So, we made some changes. Herewith is a summary.

The Same… But Different

To begin with, the site had a bit of an identity crisis. Visitors were never sure whether Professional Services Plus was a staffing & recruiting service provider or an IT consulting firm. Truth is, both of these comprise our main revenue stream; but some clarification was in order. So, we’ve made a clearer distinction between our HR Services and our Consulting Services.

New Services

In addition, the services we offer have evolved; and we’ve tried to reflect this in the new site.

HR Services now includes two buttons: One for employers interested in our traditional staffing services and staff transitioning services; and one for candidates where you will find information on the career transitioning services we offer. Oh, and jobs listed on the Career Opportunities page now have a section at the bottom to upload your resume.

Business Change Management and Vendor Engagement Consulting are two areas we have been focusing on for some time, now; and these have been added to the PS+ Consulting page. That’s not to say we don’t still provide the Business Analysis and Software Design and Development services that used to be on the site; rather, page real estate being what it is, we just didn’t have space fore everything.

Consultants Toolbox

The Task Estimator tool was always hard to find where it was buried within the Consulting area of the website–many didn’t know it existed (but got excited nonetheless when we showed it to them)–so we have moved it to a Consulting Tools page of its own. Stay tuned; more tools are on the way.

Freedom of the Press Belongs to Those Who Own One

A few years back, our WordPress server had a serious meltdown; and we lost, well, pretty-much all of the PSBlog content that was on it. We were able to recover the text from some of the articles; however, the formatting was a different story, and we were left with a rather mundane (and I’m being generous, here) layout. Never ones to refuse a challenge, the folks at Boundless Productions, turned things around. The new blog layout is much cleaner and easier to navigate.

Now Enhanced with Mobile Friendliness

When we launched psplus.ca, back in 2006, the Blackberry 5810 was the latest technology. Need we say more? Suffice it to say, the site has now been optimized for current-day technology. (Of course, we’ll all look back and laugh in a few years time.)

So, there it is. Our new website. We hope the look-and-feel makes it easier for you to find your way around and discover all Professional Services Plus has to offer. As with anything new, there will likely be some tweaking required initially. If you have a minute, we would love to hear what you think of our new look–ping us with your feedback!