Income Calculator Lets Contractors See Impact of Planned Time Off

Contract Income Calclulator screen image

Professional Services Plus Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of a new, Contract Income Calculator on the Professional Services Plus Consulting Tools tab. The new calculator enables contractors generate “what-if” scenarios to determine how their planned income will be affected as a result of taking time off for public holidays and vacation days.

“One of the most-often overlooked factors impacting contractor income is downtime,” says Victor W. von Buchstab, Principal at Professional Services Plus Inc. “Contractors need to be able to see quickly the result of taking time off–when they will not be generating income–the primary categories being public holidays and vacation days.”

Using the calculator, contractors enter their contract details, such as contract rate and term, to get a baseline; and then enter planned vacation days and public holidays to check how changing these will impact planned income.


For more information, contact: Professional Services Plus